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Stoned White & Thor

Stoned White & Thor.

That was some ATROCIOUS writing. Couldn’t they CG emotion on KStew’s face? Half the time I thought she was going to be sick & fall over. And that is the most awkward pre-battle speech. WTAF was that even? I sat there actually laughing. Her FACE at that finale scene was so painful to watch.

Sam Claflin, bless you, you can act. And you’re not too bad on the eyes. But please, are there other roles for you out there where you’re not some irrelevant knight in shining armor? And how is that reunion with Bishop Waleran (Ian McShane)? LOL.

Charlize Theron was the saving grace of this movie. She’s fcking AMAZING. And the blind dwarf, I liked him. Hemsworth was nice, too; one of the rare attractive guys in Hollywood who can actually act. He made the most of what crap that was given to him.

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Mr. Christian Grey at the LA premiere of "Battleship".

Alexander Skarsgard at the Los Angeles premiere of Battleship / 10 May 2012, Nokia Theatre.

Photo by Cate.


LOL.  What did I tell you? 

Battleship (2012)
Now I can say that I watched a movie with Alexander Skarsgard. ;) 

"Battleship" was a blast!

The Avengers (2012).
I've been waiting for this movie for such a long time.  And now it's there, it's every bit as fcking awesome as it promised.  AND MORE.

(I'll properly blog about it some time this week... soon, hopefully.  I've been to the world premiere - aka the best time of my life so far, as far as premieres go - and I've since watched it 6 times.  LOL.  I might also say something about The Hunger Games and the other movies I've watched over the past weeks.)

I know, I've been slacking.


Tom Hiddleston at the world premiere of The Avengers.

Photo by Cate, 11 April 2012.

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So.  The Avengers World Premiere will be tomorrow at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

I’ll be there.  With my brother.  By the barricades.  Yes, I’ll take that chance.

Then I saw the unofficial guest list.

I think tomorrow I will meet my demise. (Not literally, of course.)

So much awesomeness and perfection.  I mean, apart from the perfection that is the Cast, I’m hearing of Benedict Cumberbatch and of Liam Hemsworth (shut up; I liked him as Gale), Corny Collins… er, Cyclops, James Marsden, Dominic Monaghan (DUDE, I flipped when I met Craig Parker… what if I see Merry in person?!), and Nathan Fillion (whom I already met a couple of times).

Crafty Captain.

I just need to sew the star in place… :) (Taken with instagram)

So many feelz.

American Idiot First National Tour at Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles.

Sat front row at last night’s press opening night.

It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve been waiting for this since they announced that they are touring.  So many feelings… I missed this show (and its people) so much.  <3  I will write about it, eventually.  For now, I’m just mulling over that first show.

Welcome a new kind of tension, Los Angeles!

2012 Oscars

Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow onstage during the 84th Annual Academy Awards

I believe this is Tony Stark and Pepper Potts presenting at the 2012 Academy Awards.

Empire Magazine March 2012 Issue -- I FOUND IT.
 Have you seen this Empire Magazine cover?

I want it.  And it's fcking sold out at the local bookstores nearest me.  Sadness. 

They have the other three: Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow.  (WTF, no Loki and Hawkeye?!)  But I want Cappy!  DX 

If you're in the Downtown Los Angeles to Old Town Pasadena area, can you please comment/message me if you've seen this and where so I can go get it.  Provided I haven't looked at the bigger bookstores yet... but I'm desperate.  I phoned one bookstore in Old Town and they said that the Cap cover sold out pretty fast.  I am desperate.  Oooor.... maybe you can go pick it up and I'll pay for it and shipping.  ;-)

Anyway, it's a new release here in the US so maybe I am just overreacting.  For now, I am enjoying another Empire Magazine issue with the free The Avengers, John Carter, and The Amazing Spider-Man posters.  But Captain... my Captain.  ^__^

PS: I am well aware that Loki is not an Avenger.  What I am getting at is that I also want a special Loki cover. :)



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